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How do voice assistant apps work?

The Future of Generating Natural Sounding Voices
By Forcing Google AND Amazon’s Voice Engines to
Captivate Your Audiences. WITH ONE EASY-TO-USE APP.

Boring Robotic Voices Are A Thing of The Past!

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a video or listening to audio and hearing a voice that sounds like monotone garbled metal. Ugh! It’s not only terrible quality, but it’s also downright distracting.

If you’re using this type of audio in your projects, you need to stop immediately. Because with the technology we’re giving you access to today, there’s not only a better way of producing text-to-speech audio, but the quality is leaps and bounds above the competition!

VoiceBuddy Is Easy To Use
Even For Newbies.

Listen, we’ve made using VoiceBuddy incredibly easy right out the gate. You simply cannot mess this up. Even if you have the technical skills of a blind caveman!

It really is simple as following 3 steps. But, if you want a little more advanced capabilities, VoiceBuddy can do that too…and we’ll show you how.
Plus, you can also:
Set Emphasis How You Like
Set Say As
Set The Pitch of Your Audio
Adjust The Speed of Speech
Set Breaks For More Natural Talking
Set Paragraph Breaks
Set Sentence Breaks
With VoiceBuddy Today:
Access To The VoiceBuddy App
Integrated Google Voice Wave Net — No Programming necessary
Integrated Amazon Polly — No Programming necessary
141 Voices To Use Immediately
33 Number of Languages To Use Immediately
Create Unlimited 500 Word Text-To-Speech Audio Files!
Easy Audio Customization of All Your Text To Speech.

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