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How to earn money with artificial intelligence in marketing?

In a marketing context, artificial intelligence (AI) is important, even essential to manage chatbot conversations, hence, the need to invent powerful technologies applicable to marketing. Many business leaders are in favor of the use of AI in digital advertising. Other more common examples are optimizing email objects which are used for tailored marketing campaigns. How is artificial intelligence defined in marketing? What are the applications invented to reinvigorate the customer relationship?

What is artificial intelligence in marketing?

According to the marketing concepts description, it is the process of involving a machine, software, or a set of algorithms to perform a task that a man cannot, without the aid of a computer. Most often these tasks are carried out for problems such as cost analysis, quality control, or data aggregation, and the results are expected to be produced almost instantly. These processes can only be carried out by a computer.

This technology has also emerged in the finance industry as banks can now have more accurate data on each client’s account, allowing them to provide the best investment advice.

The debate is open as to its definition, between a “simple basic application” or “the use of automated algorithms”. This is because the term AI is frequently used to justify any marketing action by savvy solution providers.

The professional world simply admits that artificial intelligence differs from marketing and machine learning, because they are subsets of AI. Machine learning is a process that can be incorporated into many AI processes.


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